Mardi 17 mai 2011

If you want to learn more

Well the first thing you have to get over is how you look. it seems a bit weird to be wearing tinted lenses in the office. you will get the odd look, at first, but people will put it down to your eccentric nature. well they did for me anyway . let’s be honest it’s not unusual to see people wearing tinted lenses on the television these days, so why not around the office?

so how did i get on ? well, as i said before, despite my initial scepticism i can honestly say they work. i don’t feel as tired at the end of the day, i don’t get the headaches i used to get and i feel naked without them when i’m working at the pc. it’s a bit like wearing seat belts when you’re driving. at first it’s annoying. now i don’t feel right without them on.

if you want to learn more i’ve put a link to a recent article from the today program which i found on youtube that features, towards the end of the piece, information about the use of cvs glasses.  you will have to get over some of the candy sweetness but the content is good, accurate and gives some very useful general tips.

nhs direct carry a good article on dry eye syndrome one of the side effects of constantly staring at a computer screen and not blinking often enough. this is also discussed in the today video.MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0

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There is also a pretty good tienda de lentes

There is also a pretty good  tienda  de  lentes  article in wikipedia which is also worth reading, but as you will appreciate it’s not a medical site, so be careful what you believe.

but the bottom line is prada lentes catalogo. i’d like to keep my glasses please bruce, they work.
oh just one thing on  outlet gafas carrera  chosing the right dioptre. i usually take a +1.5 for normal reading glasses, it’s my age you know. for the compact 2 monitors i use +1.0 dioptre. why? you’ll find that your screen is that bit further away than when reading a book. sit at the desk, extend your arm and if you can’t touch the monitor then you should consider going down a half dioptre. for reference when i sit at my desk my monitor screen is an arm length plus a 12″ ruler away (approx 80cm or 32″). i need +1.0 dioptre monitor glasses rather than my +1.50 dioptre reading glasses which i use when reading a book or working on my i-pad, which are both normally at arms length.
Sin duda la marca rayban siempre ha contado con un gran exito comercial y de publico lo que la hace acreedora del titulo de la marca de gafas de sol mas conocida y popular. Buena parte de su exito se debe a su capacidad de reinventarse continuamente a partir de unos modelos de gafas ya clasicos.     

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